В.З. Аладьев - Toolbox for the Mathematica programmers

Toolbox for the Mathematica programmers
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Software represented in the book contain a number of useful and effective receptions of procedural and functional programming in the Mathematica system that extend the system software and allow sometimes much more efficiently and easily to program the program objects for various purposes first of all wearing system character. The presented tools are of interest not only as independent tools, but also contain a number of the receptions useful in practical programming in the Mathematica software. The above software rather essentially dilates the Mathematica functionality and can be useful enough for programming of many applications above all of system character. At that, the AVZ_Package package containing more 800 tools of various purpose with freeware license is attached to the book. The given book is oriented on a wide enough circle of the users of computer mathematics systems, researchers, teachers and students of universities for courses of computer science, mathematics, physics and many other natural disciplines. The book will be of interest also to the specialists of the industry and technology that use the computer mathematics systems in professional activity.

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