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Книга Circle of Bones

Circle of Bones

Kling Christine
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Sex and adventure meet history and intrigue in this breathless nautical thriller that spans decades to imagine a fascinating answer to the real-­life mystery of the vanished French sub, Surcouf. When Maggie Riley sets sail for the Caribbean, all she wants is a little R&R before starting a work assignment in Dominica. The last thing Maggie expects is to rescue Cole Thatcher, a sexy—but possibly nuts—conspiracy-­spouting archaeologist found swimming nude off the island of Guadeloupe. It turns out Cole is searching for the wreckage of a vanished World War II submarine, claiming it holds millions in gold coins and classified documents from a powerful inner circle of the secret society Skull and Bones. Maggie has enough skeletons to deal with. But when she learns her own past may intersect this inner circle of Bonesmen, she realizes Cole might not be so crazy after all—and joining him in the search for the sub may be her only course to uncover a hidden truth.­**